Why Atheists Still Love Breasts

Rinth de Shadley had just graduated from college when she published her first book, the witty and insightful Why Atheists Love Breasts.

Armed only with a MacBook and a sassy attitude, she answered the hottest questions of the day: Why should you never have sex in a graveyard? Are men smarter than women? Does ice cream have any calories if you only eat half? Can a feminist compete in a beauty pageant? Where do human rights come from? Can you publish a book that mixes sex, politics, study tips, philosophy, hypnotism, neuroscience, and really awful poetry? Do bad girls really go everywhere?

Now Rinth is back with a revised edition: Why Atheists Still Love Breasts. It's a must-read for fans of her classic college memoir.

Praise for the previous edition:

"Informative and funny … With each entry, Rinth ponders some new idea and grounds her opinions with research. All of the essays have a moral, delivered with charismatic tongue-in-cheek humor." — Kirkus Reviews. Read the review.

"Clever and well-written ... a revealing treatise on life as seen by one sharp young woman who has the potential to make a mark on her generation." — Foreword Reviews. Read the review.

"Rinth was witty and funny ... [and] had some wise advice to give. What she writes is an opinion that doesn't shove it in your face. She casually prods you to contemplate the issue, even if you don't agree with her. I've been very happy with this book and would recommend it as a short, fun read!" — Rainy Day Reads

Note: A few print copies of the original edition from 2011 are still available directly from Consilience Publishing. It is also available in eBook format (Kindle, ePub, or PDF).